Vuexy Vuejs React Angular HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template Free Download 2022

The most developer-friendly and highly customizable admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4 and 5, Bootstrap Vue, and Reactstrap is called Vuexy and uses Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML, and Laravel.

Look no further than Vuexy if you’re a developer seeking an admin dashboard that is feature-rich, developer-friendly, and highly customizable. The greatest admin template, which is not only quick and simple to use but also highly scalable, has been created by adhering to the strictest industry requirements. You may easily create any application you desire because to the system’s supreme flexibility and ease.


Create applications of the highest calibre with simplicity.

Create attractive, high-caliber, and high-performing single-page apps using our creative admin template. Your apps will be fully responsive, guaranteeing that they will look gorgeous and work perfectly on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

The Vuexy admin dashboard’s incredible flexibility enables you to create any kind of online application. You could, for instance, produce:

  • SaaS platforms
  • Project management apps
  • Ecommerce backends
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics apps
  • Banking apps
  • Education apps
  • Fitness apps
  • & many more…

Start right away

It is quick and easy to get started with Vuexy because it is simple to use. Additionally, it includes carefully designed 9 Applications and two specialty dashboards with ready-to-use templates:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • To-do list
  • Kanban (HTMl & Laravel Only for Now)
  • File Manager (HTMl & Laravel Only for Now)
  • Calendar
  • eCommerce
  • Invoice
  • User

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Make the most of our innovative features

  • Laravel Starter Kit
  • Pure Vue js, No Jquery Dependency
  • Created with Vue CLI
  • Utilizes Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading
  • E-Commerce App with shop, wishlist, checkout pages
  • Drag & Drop Bookmarks to re-arrange
  • Carousel (Image Slider)
  • Clipboard (Copy to clipboard)
  • Context Menu
  • Scroll to top
  • Not authorised Page
  • Access Control (ACL)
  • Pricing
  • Blog
  • i18n Page
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • 2 chart libraries
  • 2 Dashboard
  • SASS Powered
  • Feather Icons
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Leaflet Map
  • Video Player
  • Drag & Drop
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • 6 months of free support included

With the aid of crucial features, you can build high-end apps precisely how you want them using Vuexy. Fuzzy search, bookmarks, a floating navigation bar, dark and semi-dark style options, advance cards, and charts are just a few of the special and practical features we’ve packed into the Vuexy admin design. Add more beneficial features

Notes For Vuexy

HTML and HTML + Laravel versions support Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers and employ Bootstrap 4 & 5 and Laravel 9 frameworks.
Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers are supported by the VueJS version, which uses the Bootstrap Vue framework.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers are supported by the React version, which uses the reactstrap framework.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are supported by the Angular version, which uses the NgBootstrap framework. The current version of Angular does not include RTL support.

Since the HTML version of the template employs AJAX technology for some of its features, it is advised to run it on any local server (such as XAMPP, WAMP, or Node, etc.) with the protocol “http://”. If you opened directly from your HDD in a browser using the “file:/…” protocol (such as “file:/C:/path/to/some page.html”), it can cause some functionality to malfunction.

Versions differ from one another due to the availability of various frameworks and components. Please review the relevant demonstrations for the version you intend to purchase. If you have any inquiries before to purchasing the template, think about posing them in the live chat or through the comments.
Only the HTML & HTML Plus Laravel version supports Bootstrap 5.
The bundle also comes with complimentary design files.

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