Vuexy Vuejs React Angular HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template Free Download 2022


The most developer-friendly and highly customizable admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4 and 5, Bootstrap Vue, and Reactstrap is called Vuexy and uses Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML, and Laravel. Look no further than Vuexy if you’re a developer seeking an admin dashboard that is feature-rich, developer-friendly, and highly customizable. The greatest admin template, which … Read more

NobleUI Angular 13+ Admin Template Free Download 2022


A strong and lightweight dashboard template built with Angular 13+ and the Bootstrap 5x Framework, NobleUI – Angular Admin Template. It contains a big library of reusable UI elements. SASS is used by NobleUI to make it simpler for you to update the styles. All styles were created entirely with SASS and are simple to … Read more

Fuse V16.0.0 Angular 14+ Admin Template Free Download 2022


Fuse is a multi-layout, modular Angular admin template with unique application and page layouts, UI components, and UX best practices. Without substantially altering the template’s fundamental structure, the multi-layout configuration enables the use of various template layouts. Additionally, it permits having a unique layout for each route. Fuse is incredibly adaptable because it allows for … Read more