REHub Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress Theme Free Download 2022

REHub A contemporary multifunctional hybrid theme is REHub. The theme covers a variety of contemporary business concepts for websites. You may set up and utilize each component independently or you can put them all together on one site. We created cutting-edge WordPress features that you won’t find in other themes by utilizing the greatest unique SEO tools and the most current trends.

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Affiliate-related blogs
Social network with submission options, comparisons, and specification builders
Theme for price comparison or product selection with dynamic pricing updates (with help of Content Egg or bulk import tool)
Comparisons of products and specifications (supported dynamic comparisons for multi category sites)
Reviews with expanded user reviews, table builders, and top review builders
Most effective pages (versus pages, specification comparison, Offer hub, Top set pages, Price range pages)
Support for several vendors per product is available in multi-vendor shops and online stores.
Deal communities and deal sites
Review websites and magazines
marketplaces for digital goods
Game deals
Tutorials and Learning Course sites
Wholesale, Grocery shops


We also included a new demo and the well-liked Learning Course support in the most recent theme versions. With affiliate courses from sites like Udemy and Coursera, you can now create a learning website. Additionally, you can use the Tutor LMS plugin to create your own course website.

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REHub Theme Features:

  • REHub Expanded Buddypress, Mycred customizations and potent community features
  • Frontend posting, frontend reviews, as well as paid or restricted submissions
  • distinctive Gutenberg modules
  • All post modules provide a customizable filter panel.
  • Coupons are used (for posts and for woocommerce)
  • woocommerce offers five alternative design layouts: grids, columns, sliders, carousels, and rows.
  • enhanced multi-vendor support Support is provided for WC Vendor, Dokan, WC Marketplace, and WCFM. improved features, even in free versions
  • assistance for numerous sellers per product, Price contrast Products
  • Product and post map locators, vendor and user filters, and categories for vendors
  • Extended user role limitations and membership subscriptions (works with S2Member plugin)
  • Longer post formats
  • performs price comparisons
  • REHub Additional revenue-generating capabilities for affiliate programme earnings
  • Additional Content Egg plugin support (integrates with affiliate
  • top creator of review lists
  • REHub constructors of top tables, top charts, and top sets pages
  • Builders of specifications and company profiles
  • Dynamic add-to-comparisons button (supports multigroup for comparisons)
  • responsive table builder
  • creator of catalogues
  • With Visual Composer, more than 20 unique content modules are included.
  • A plugin for the advanced product filter is included. For establishing filter searches and criteria, plugins are helpful.
  • The theme is included with RH Fontend PRO. Plugin adds frontend usage submissions to your website, with the option to add paid submissions and support for woocommerce items.
  • Countdowns, pricetables, reveal buttons, countdowns, offer lists, and many more special shortcodes are available.
  • Sticky contents, automatic auto contents,
  • user login/register popups and a personalised author template
  • extended system for user reviews
  • Favorites, post-report, and like-or-dislike scripts
  • RTL support
  • JSON-LD schema
  • Option to use Adsense optimized layout
  • Quick specifications from Icecat
  • Custom badge system
  • Brand archive
  • Printable coupons
  • Custom ajax search
  • Good speed
  • Advanced Mega Menu (supported on mobiles also)
  • All functions are good also on mobiles
  • And much, much more + often updates
  • AMP extended support
  • Special Post Layout optimized for reading according to new trends
  • Product Layout for a different purposes, booking, comparison, Extended photo, etc
  • Unique View counter with filter for popular by date
  • Customizer support
  • Special plugin to hide, cloak, and bulk change affiliate links
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Advanced rating system for woocommerce

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