Rocketman Tailwind CSS React 18+, Vuejs 3, HTML & Laravel 9 Admin Dashboard Template Free Download 2022

TailwindCSS 3+’s responsive and feature-rich admin template, Rocketman, is built with usability in mind. Rocketman is one of the greatest options available if you’re a developer searching for an admin dashboard with pre-made Tailwind components that is also developer-friendly and extremely configurable. The UI elements of the template may be readily modified without leaving the HTML code, even if you are unfamiliar with the framework.


A one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, and adaptable admin dashboard template, Rocketman may be used to create backend applications, information systems, CRMs, or even to launch a fresh, straightforward project and become familiar with TailwindCSS. We invite you to carefully examine the live preview and get a sense of all the themes and added functionality.

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Rocketman Theme Features:

  • 3 Form wizard layouts
  • Pricing layouts
  • Invoice layouts
  • FAQ layouts
  • Login page
  • Register page
  • Error page
  • CRUD applications
  • Regular & Tabulator table
  • Accordion components
  • Button components
  • Modal components
  • Alert components
  • Progressbar components
  • Tooltip components
  • Dropdown components
  • Toast/alert components
  • Typography components
  • Lucide icons
  • Regular form
  • Datepicker components
  • Tom-select components
  • Dropzone components
  • Sumernote editor components
  • Validation form components
  • Chart widget
  • Slider widget
  • Image zoom widget
  • Addon utilities and helper classes
  • Free lifetime updates
  • And much more..

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