A booking system for hotels and vacation rentals is included in the WordPress hotel plugin by MotoPress. Having no coding requirements means that the WordPress hotel booking plugin can be used by both non-technical website owners as well as developers who build WordPress hotel themes, vacation rental themes, and custom websites.

Plugins for hotel booking don’t target any specific hotel establishment, so you can use them for hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, apartments, villas, and even hostels (check out the demos to see how it works in the wild.)

It includes everything you need to run a fully functional hospitality business website and (optionally) manage reservations. The following will be available to you

Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental WordPress Plugin

The PayPal addon for WordPress


Features of Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental WordPress Plugin

  • Your properties will be listed beautifully; you will be able to
  • set seasonal pricing and rates;
  • Search for availability in real-time;
  • Accept instant payments or set up a recurring monthly subscription;
  • sync your direct booking with popular travel channels via iCal;
  • charge taxes and fees;
  • and increase direct bookings.

Download: Necromancers eSports & Gaming Team WordPress Theme Download

Want to download Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental WordPress Plugin Please wait 10 seconds for the Free Version to download.  

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