The Modal component consists of an overlay, a dialog and an optional close button. You can use any element to toggle a modal dialog. To enable the necessary JavaScript, add the uk-toggle attribute. An <a> element needs to be linked to the modal's id. If you are using another element, like a button, just add the uk-toggle="target: #ID" attribute to target the id of the modal container.

Add the uk-modal attribute to a <div> element to create the modal container and an overlay that blanks out the page. It is important to add an id to indicate the element for toggling. Use the following classes to define the modal's sections.


Close button

To create a close button, enable its functionality and add proper styling and positioning, add the .uk-modal-close-default class to an <a> or <button> element. To place the close button outside the modal, add the .uk-modal-close-outside class.

Add the uk-close attribute from the Close component to apply a close icon.


Center modal

To vertically center the modal dialog, you can use the .uk-margin-auto-vertical class from the Margin component.


To divide the modal into different content sections, use the following classes.


Group modifiers.

You can group multiple modals by linking from one to the other and back. Use this to create multistep wizards inside your modals.


Modal 1 Modal 2


If you want to display media, you should first check, if the Lightbox component doesn't already offer everything you need. However, you can also use the modal to have more control over the markup to wrap your media in.

Note Use the uk-video attribute from the Video component to make sure videos are stopped when the modal is closed.


Image Video YouTube Vimeo

Full modifier

To create a modal, that fills the entire page, add the .uk-modal-full class. It is also recommended to add the .uk-modal-close-full class to the close button, so that it adapts its styling.

Using the grid and width classes, you can create a nice, split fullscreen modal.



By default, the page will scroll with the modal, if its content exceeds the window height. To apply a scrollbar inside the modal, add the .uk-overflow-auto attribute from the Utility component to the modal body.


Position content

To apply model contents a position components , add one of the .uk-position-* classes to your modal body.
.uk-position-top .uk-position-bottom .uk-position-left .uk-position-right


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